Learning Program

SAK / Student Learning Program in SAK

Industry Visit

Introduces SAK Students to Hospitality Industries

Basic Research

Connects students observation and perspectives towards related theory implementation

Small Scale Research

Concentrated research in an hospitality industry, aim to emphasize focus to enhance students analytical skills

Advanced Research

Next-Phase of academic research, analyzing hospitality industry impact and society perspectives towards designed instrument

Field Observation

Observing Unit Practical Area in STP NHI Bandung with designed instrument

Field Practical Training

SAK field practical training in Hotel Industry, from Food Production and Service planning and arrangement

Business Seminar

Student identify set of business elements and develop the components within a business through analytical practice

Internship and Social Project (KKN/PPM)

4 Months Internship in Hospitality or Catering Industry and 1 Month of Social Project in Developing Countryside accross Java Island